Mystery Molecules… What Is An Huemul?!

Mystery Molecules: samples reviewed blind, only looking at the name and notes once the perfume has dried all the way down.

The following notes are for a perfume that I tried last weekend. My initial reaction: I quite enjoyed this, experientially and intellectually. The notes were distinct, and cascaded quickly, like a piece of classical music. Crystalline and easy to understand, an allegro.

“Pineapple, pear, floral all happening really quickly, milky notes – the most interesting thing I’ve smelled so far – is it Ashoka or Trayee by Neela Vermeire Creations? Those are more fully blended though…

Leather/musk?Reminds me of an animal somehow.

There wasn’t a whole lot to this perfume, but I certainly enjoyed it. The musk is apparent quite immediately, nestled in amongst the fruits, flowers, and milkiness of a baby at breast. The leather comes in a bit later, and the whole thing ends with a dry leather/musk/herbal quality.

The Reveal: Huemul by Fuegia 1833. 
I looked at the label and wondered what “huemul” meant. After looking up the perfume on Fragrantica, I looked up the word itself: it’s a deer in South America. My impression of an animal was spot on!I received this sample in a swap, and it turns out that it was from a bottle purchased on a trip to Argentina. This made sense to me, since I’d never heard of this brand before. (Thanks for the sample, Emily! 🙂 )

About the brand, from Fragrantica: “Fueguia 1833 Patagonia Laboratorio de Perfumes is an Argentinean niche perfumery house that was founded by Julian Bedel (the in-house perfumer) and Amalia Amoedo in 2010. Julian Badel, inspired by his ancestors who were naturalists and writers, creates in Buenos Aires his own perfumes which are a reflection of the diversity and exotic flora of South America. The species used are native to Patagonia.”

The Verdict: I liked it! I’ll be holding on to this sample. I probably won’t be purchasing it, but it is fun. (Fig and I don’t really get along.) I would even be happy to check out more from this house. This perfume behaved differently than I’m accustomed to perfumes being composed, and I liked its clarity of composition, I liked being able to read the notes with my nose.

Fragrantica only has the following notes: Musky, White Floral, Animalic, Floral, with further clarification being: Muscone, Macrocyclic Musk and Jasmine. After doing a little bit of digging, I am pleased to find that it is noted on the North American Fuegia site that they qualify this as a Musk Lactonic fragrance. Fuegia’s main notes are “Musk, Massoia, Jasmine.”

So there you have it. A simple, delightful little treasure.


4 thoughts on “Mystery Molecules… What Is An Huemul?!

  1. Ah, I wondered about those “free samples.” Makes sense and too bad that they’re so tiny. It’s legitimately difficult to test from such a small amount. Maybe I’ll try ordering them… sometime! I’d love to meet up and swap samples, check your email/spam folder. 🙂

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  2. From their website you can order samples (look for those perfumes that have price range $0 – $XXX). They send it for free but really tiny amount (0.1-0.2 ml, in my estimate). And they do not state anywhere how many you can order. I asked for 4 and got them all but I didn’t want to be too greedy so I haven’t tried asking for more.
    It looks like we’re neighbors (I live in SF Bay Area), so we could easily swap some other samples if we have unwanted ones (or FBs, from which those samples can be made).


  3. That’s exciting! I would be happy to try more of these – too bad you don’t have bigger samples, we could swap. 🙂


  4. I haven’t tried this particular perfume but I’m testing several more perfumes from this brand now, and they all are slightly unusual, and I like a couple. I’m not sure if I end up buying any of them (my samples are tiny, not enough for me to make a final decision) but if I travel to NY, I might go to their store to try some of perfumes properly sprayed and see if I “need” them.


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