Mystery Molecules…

Mystery Molecules: samples reviewed blind, only looking at the name and notes once the perfume has dried all the way down.

Ok, here are some hilarious (to me) notes from my latest blind testing:

My initial reaction: “artichoke hearts, done up in batter and fried in a pan.”
Really smells vegetal – as in – like vegetables. That you eat.
The smell of artichoke hearts persists. Not in a good way.
Someone’s idea of sandalwood?
Very gross. I hate it.

The Reveal: Rose Vert edp by DSH?! I am all astonishment.

Only the faintest rose appears after knowing what it is.
I still hate it.”

Australian Sandalwood is noted on Fragrantica, so hooray for my sniffer!

What I found astonishing about this exercise, is that I had applied this perfume before, about a month ago. I was undecided then, but when I was applying knowingly, the rose seemed much more prominent, though mostly it was a green perfume to my nose. I didn’t pick up any notes or odors that I detested, it just wasn’t a love at worst, unsure at best.

It’s incredible what packaging, presentation, and names do to us.

From Fragrantica: “This fragrance is like a dream about being lost in a field of roses…It opens with citrus notes, followed by roses: Bulgarian, Centifolia, Damask, Moroccan and Turkish. Tree moss is at the base.”

From the DSH website: “An all botanical rose bouquet-chypre that is not your grandmother’s rose. There is nothing cloying or overly sweet about this rose; it is elegantly growing up from Mother Earth.”

Needless to say I cannot concur with either description.

I think, perhaps, that a rose by any other name might NOT smell as sweet. At least if you were blindfolded.

The Verdict: I would never purchase this, and I hope that I never smell it on anyone.

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