Mystery Molecules: O Hira, Stephane Humbert Lucas 777

Mystery Molecules: samples reviewed blind, only looking at the name and notes once the perfume has dried all the way down.

Yesterday and today I did the same sample.

My notes and experience include the following:

“Reminds me of Embers by Rouge Bunny Rouge, or the lapsang souchong in Jeke, but like a blend of the two. I like it. Seems pretty “well blended” – I’m having a hard time picking out or discerning individual notes. There seems to be a slight lactonic, milky quality to the smoke. It reminds me of something I’ve smelled in Tigerlily Perfumery, almost. Birch tar? Cade? Can’t tell the difference. A bit of earthiness, dry dirt.
Later: Cinnamon! Guaiac wood?
Good longevity for a skin scent. Disappointed that it’s a skin scent.”

My partner James also had a difficult time discerning or picking out individual notes. He commented that it smelled like Salamanca by Olympic Orchids, and when I pressed him for more details, he said there was an oily smell to it that he couldn’t place.

The Reveal: O Hira, by Stephane Humbert Lucas 777.

Luckyscent only notes that this is an amber fragrance, something I didn’t discern at all without any packaging or notes, or knowledge beforehand. The closest I could have said would have been “vanilla and smoke” – and perhaps that is a great definition of an “amber perfume.”

From Luckyscent: “… an amber that seems to contain sweet, rich, warm, spicy, powdery and smoky all at once, the kind of amber that almost makes one wonder if they’re actually smelling it for the first time.”

I certainly thought it smelled like something I’d sniffed before! I got the spice and the smoke, and though it was sweet, I never wrote that down or noted it. Hmmmmm. My initial reaction: “I like this!”

Fragrantica notes that it is “amber, animalic, salty, marine” with ambergris in the mix. Perhaps that explains my intution that though this seems like a brown perfume to me, it should be photographed in shells.

The Verdict: I like it. I’ll hang on to the 1/4 ml I have left, but I won’t purchase it. At $715 for 50ml, the only thing it has going for it for this gal, is that it smelled nice when I took my coat off each time I got home after a long afternoon out. There is almost no projection on me, and Rania J.’s Ambre Loup mashes all the right buttons when it comes to amber/vanilla/labdanum/benzoin/resins, and I’ve got a bottle of that.

I tested it twice, because yesterday, I sprayed DUNE edt by Christian Dior on before going out, and the DUNE totally smothered it. I wanted to give the sample a decent chance, but it definitely doesn’t have projection. It’s a very pretty toy though.

I like this blind sampling, I think it’ll save me a lot of eating my heart out over expensive perfumes!

Happy 2018 to you!


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