Raghba by Lattafa

“Perfume makes me happy.”

Such was the simple, yet delightful thought that entered my head as I sprayed myself with tonight’s perfume selection. I’ve just received a bottle of Raghba by Lattafa Perfumes, all the way from Kuwait, and I feel absolutely blissful.

There’s not much in the way of complexity to this perfume, but what exists, is perfect.

It’s the superlative vanilla-incense-oud-sandalwood-sugar mix that I didn’t even know I was looking for until I found it.

When I spray Raghba on my skin, and the fine mist settles on my skin, I am enveloped in a simple cloud of sugared, vanillin incense.

Simple. Perfect. Pure.

This is bliss.

Sugary vanillin gives way to a gorgeously throbbing, heart’s blood, sugared, vanillin incense. Raghba stays with me all day, all night, and I am loathe to wash her off in the shower the next morning. But at least I get to do it all over again.

  • Raghba comes in a 100ml bottle (3.3 oz), is in eau de parfum concentration, and is marked as unisex.
  • Raghba is difficult to find samples of in the USA. Your best bet is to hit up an online fragrance buddy for a sample or a decant. If you’re into blind buys, and you like the notes listed, go for a full bottle on eBay. They ship from Kuwait for about $30, and mine arrived in California after just 14 days, though the wait was agonizing as I waited for my Preciousssssss.

Your real problem will be this: how to fit in wearing Raghba everyday, with your already beautiful wardrobe? If you don’t have a signature perfume, but are looking for one, this just might be it.




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