Make Good Art

I’m starting this post off with someone else’s cliche, as it’s quite fitting to the topic at hand. You know that moment, when bloggers don’t post for a long time, and then they’re all “oh, I haven’t written and here is why!” – yeah, that’s this post.

My grandmother died in January this year, and suffice it to say, the wind was knocked right out of my sails. Reading the gorgeous words of Kafkaesque and The Black Narcissus didn’t help creative matters: I tied and twisted my creativity into Gordion knots of insecurity, and, convinced that everything I could possibly write would be totally sub-par to those two: I haven’t.

Well, fuck it. That’s not a winner’s game, and while I’m not going for any glory in this space, I would still like to write for myself, and if anyone else enjoys it, that’s a bonus.

I don’t think I’m ever going to be Kafkaesque, and write miles about hours of sniffing. Nor will I ever be a Black Narcissus. But I can do my own thing, and give my go at Making Good Art.

2016 is about getting my shit together. The last four years have been all about that, but this, after losing my grandmother, is an exceptional year for it.

Another truism, so true as to be cliche: losing someone makes a person reevaluate his or her life. It made me reevaluate. I cleaned house, and have been busy putting possessions, people, emotions, and concepts where they belong and are most useful to me. Perfume has not escaped the gaze of the critical eye, and so there has been a lot less fume obsession around these parts, which, I think, is sort of essential to writing. Hence the lack of writing.

The really, really nice part about cleaning up and cleaning OUT your life, is that you then have time and space to decide what you want IN you life, and perfume is definitely something that has a place in my life. As a hobby though, not as a full-time obsession.

So, here it goes again. As I write, I hope you will enjoy. I will strive for authenticity, which is what always resonates for me when I encounter it.

Namaste Bitches. See you on the other side.


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