SALOME of Papillon Artisan Perfumes

There is so much to say about Salome. The reviews I’ve read online are deep and lavish in their praise, but I think Salome trips the reviewers up a bit in her bedsheets and veils…  so first instead, I’m going to open the box, step back, and let Salome spill forth like the jinn…

. . .

Used bedsheets, candlelight, and the night. THIS is Salome in all her roaring glory. Get ready to sit up and take notice!

Sense the flick of her veils as notes of carnation and Turkish rose flicker in and out of the composition, teasing your nose.

Come close and inhale for more.

See the tumbled bed, redolent with juices from your hearty romping, bathed in a glow of golden flame. Animalic Africa Stone and and deep musks envelop you in their warmth, just like the hot, heavy, arms of the lover you just left, and keep you coming back for more. Who knew that smelling the wax from burned candles could be so… magical?

Salome is the promise of the night to come, fulfilled.

Bathe yourself with her glow, and draw people to you like a moth to a hot flame.

. . .

Salome is a vintage-style perfume.

By vintage-style, I mean: Complex. BIG.

Big sillage, big, bold, smell.

Sillage is epic. Duration is epic. This shit is for real.

You wear this perfume when you are not afraid of being noticed in a room, or for your scent. You wear this perfume when you want to be noticed, when you feel sexy and in love with yourself and…or… you are on your way to tryst with your lover. I wouldn’t wear it for a new seduction. For me, Salome is about sharing intimacies with someone who knows you inside and out, someone who could rip you apart, and you him, but you would never.

Salome makes me feel utterly feminine, utterly like a Woman with a capital W, affirming that I am in control of myself, my life, my choices, my loves. Salome is for a Woman.

Salome could be for a certain man, but I am just going to revel in how she makes me feel.

That is Salome.

. . .

My first experience (and every one thereafter) was heavenly.

It was a sultry night. I was in a fashiony LBD, man-catching boots, hair beautiful and glowing, ready to go out with my man for a special date.

I picked up the bottle and sniffed the nozzle. I could tell this was going to be a grand affair, and I sprayed without hesitation.

Oh, my god.

I was a candlelit witch, seducing, being seduced, in bed, rolling around, in, out, up, down, trailing men after me, residue of pure pleasure on my skin.

All in about 5 seconds.

. . .

Back to that first sniff: I could tell that this was going to be like my reaction to L’Heure Bleue in 2010…

Have you ever experienced spraying a perfume, and your whole body simultaneously relaxes and glows with pleasure, joy, delight?

Pure pleasure.

When I was 26 and first sprayed L’H B, my reaction was so unexpected to me. I was tooling around Nordstrom’s perfume area, and when I smelled L’H B, I was so taken aback because I could tell that fashionably speaking, I wasn’t supposed to like it. I was 26, not 86. I knew it smelled like something from my grandmother’s youth. But holiest of holies, how I loved it. I will share the rest of my L’H B story with you another time, but suffice it to say, I was ready for an adult, mature perfume this time around.

I met Salome on a hot night, and that weather was perfect for wearing her for days and days. I haven’t tried her out in cold weather, my sensibilities have been elsewhere lately. But she is carefully guarded until I feel like that big romp and that big thrill once again.

Spray Salome in your hair and she will get on your bedsheets. Spray on your bedsheets and she will be with you every night for a week or two for all the fun of the start to the long, long, finish.

Verdict: worth purchasing in multiples and keeping in a dark, cool closet.

Definitely worth the shipping cost on a sample purchase.

. . .

Salome is available at three perfumeries in the USA and directly from Papillon Artisan Perfumes.

Of course, my favorite shop to purchase from in California is Tigerlily Perfumery in San Francisco, CA, but I would feel quite excited were I in LA and stopped in at Lucky Scent for my bottle.

. . .

Image courtesy of Papillon Artisan Perfumes. My correspondence with the artist has been limited, but it’s been enough for me to believe that the creatrice of this heavenly juice is quite a lovely creature… so go support!



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