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La Raison D’être

Perfume makes me feel ALIVE. It’s one of my most pleasurably indulged senses, right up there with awesome sex.

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved perfume. LOVED it, all capital letters.

I remember my mother telling me when I wasn’t yet a teenager, that perfume was the ultimate luxury, something to be purchased after all other necessities were met. I remember feeling in my bones that this was not true, though it took me another decade before I was able to voice this opinion.

Perfume is a necessary luxury. It is pleasure. It is experience. It is something to be shared, or hoarded. It is seduction, comfort, and sometimes a secret. 

I have recently started to delve deeper into the rabbit hole that is perfumery, and what a perfect time for it! With subscription boxes, mail order services, and a whole damn perfumery at my fingertips, I am thrilled to spray something (or several somethings) every day.

Currently, I am more about the thrill of the hunt and the seeking of the perfect scent, than necessarily finding it. I have spent a decent chunk of change on samples, I ADORE my Olfactif subscription (what are you waiting for?!) and while I knew about the idea of a signature scent at a young age, I’ve always been more of a perfume wardrobe type of girl.

My name is Larkin, and you are stepping into my scent experience.
I have always loved words, language, and scent.
Now is the moment they all come together, the dreamtime when I geek out and share these things with YOU, Dear Reader!

So please come in, grab a seat, and take a look around.

I am a straight shooter, albeit a wordy one, and I’ll let you have it real.
Some perfumes I am as in love with as I am my partner, while other ones make me curl my lips in total disgust and sigh with relief when I shower off.

I mean no offense to any perfumer who made these scents, or any person who loves them. That said, I am here to TALK about my experience here! Discussion is welcome! Strong opinions are welcome! I believe we can be honest & nice.

. . .

Happy Sniffing!


. . .

All images © Larkin Small.

Please enjoy, and if you wish to use them, make the world a pleasant place and ask me first.


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